O u r S t o r y

How it all began

O u r S t o r y

Quinta da Castanheira, which is now home to 1000 Curvas, has been producing wine since at least 1907.

The old winery, below the main house, dates from 1907 (prior to the establishment of the Vinho Verde demarcated Region – 1908). For more than 100 years the vineyards were exploited for the purpose of selling wine in bulk – a custom typical of the time and region.

In 2010, Armando Soares (father of the current owner) started the process of converting the house and the vineyard (2 Ha) that would later transform the farm into a “Boutique Winery”, giving rise to the 1000 Curvas project. It is from your dream that 1000 Curves is born!

Due to the taste of fresh, crunchy, saline and elegant wines, the project starts with a blend of Chardonnay & Alvarinho.

Allied to this original combination, we have a unique terroir:

The granitic soils, the Douro River, the terraces and the continental climate add value, character and complexity.

In addition to personal taste, the choice of grape varieties was easy:

Chardonnay is a very versatile variety that adapts well to different terroirs, in addition to giving the wines complexity, structure and longevity. Our granitic soil accentuates the minerality of the variety.

In turn, Alvarinho, being a variety from the Vinho Verde region, brings us: freshness, acidity and more aromatic and citrus wines.

The first harvest took place in 2014, still with the presence of Armando Soares (who ends up dying at the end of that year without seeing his dream come true). Rodrigo Soares, current owner together with winemaker and friend Pedro Mota, took over the project and in January 2017 1000 Curvas was shown to the market with the 2014 and 2015 harvests.

Meanwhile the project grew. New vines were planted [+ 2 HA of white (Viosinho, Rabigato, Gouveio, Avesso, Pedernã and Encruzado) and 0.5 of red – Pinot Noir] and today they produce around 15,000 bottles a year from 5 references (3 Whites, 1 Rosé and 1 Red).

This is a project of a small producer, where Rodrigo Soares together with his friend and winemaker Pedro Mota, risk being different and doing different in the Vinho Verde region.